What Is A DDC System?
DDC simply stands for Direct Digital Control.
DDC is often used to control HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) devices such as valves or compressors. Such systems receive input from the sensors and devices installed in the HVAC system and, according to the control logic, provide output commands to control the HVAC system devices.

Why Should I Use DDC?
- Remote Accessability - System can be accessed via popular web browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) on both desktop and mobile devices.
- Data Logging - Data such as temperature, humidity and CO2 can be logged and graphed.
- Customizable - Each system is installed to the specific needs and requirements for that site.
- Fault Detection - Faults are recorded and alarms sent via text or email to users.
- Optimal Start - Allows equipment to start up before occupancy to ensure comfort.
- Lighting Control -
- Energy Conservation - With features such as data logging, scheduling and optimal start, DDC systems are a sure way to lower power consumption and save money.

- DDC systems are essential if attempting to meet strict energy efficiency standards such as LEED, or for owner/operators looking to streamline day-to-day operation of their home or building.

How Do I Start?
Simply CONTACT our sales team and they can review your system needs and provide you with a customized package to fit your budget.


"...multi-trends are critical in helping SES indentify deficiencies in energy control strategies. The multi-trend tool in Automated Logic is really amazing! Getting more contractors and clients focused on setting up and using effective multi-trends will play an important role in our industry."

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Energy Efficiency Engineer
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