Energy Management

Interested in Lowering Your Utility Bills?

Whether you’re interested in lowering your operating costs or simply being mindful of your carbon footprint, Energy Management has never been easier with the use of building management systems such as WebCTRL.  By utilizing a central automation system, we can schedule various systems to operate in unison and only when required rather than 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Strategies such as these combined with regular preventative maintenance will keep your mechanical equipment running efficiently, minimizing your energy usage and utility costs.


Comfortable occupants of a building is just as important to an optimization plan as any energy reduction strategy. Inconsistent temperatures, incorrect light levels and high CO2 levels within a building can have negative impacts on the occupant’s health, focus and enjoyment. Care Systems is proud to specialize in bringing buildings together where comfort meets efficiency.


Our Energy Management process starts by monitor your building’s mechanical and electrical systems usage and energy consumption. From there we work with the staff to identify areas of unnecessary energy demand and start to apply tactics such as occupancy based control, nightly setbacks and equipment upgrades. Throughout the process we continue to share industry’s best practice in building automation with the operators, so they can continue identify areas of improvement and savings.