Building Automation

Bringing Buildings To Life!

It takes the efforts of several systems to make a building comfortable and productive and with utility costs continuing to rise each year the price to operate these buildings grows with. With Automated Logic’s WebCTRL system we connect the systems together and unify them where comfort meets efficiency.

Lighting Control

For every hour that an unneeded light is turned on unnecessary expenses are paid by your company. Utilizing a lighting control system and simple strategies such as schedules and occupancy sensors we can greatly reduce the amount of unnecessary electricity your building consumes.

Gas and Leak Detection

All buildings use a variety of gases and fluids safely in it’s regular daily operations and in rare circumstances these materials may be exposed to occupants or reach levels creating an unsafe environment. Our WebCTRL system can continually monitor your building and immediately notify you as soon as harmful gases such as CO2, CO and NOx, refrigeration leaks or even flooding is detected.

Remote Connectivity and Alarm Monitoring

With the use of our WebCTRL building automation platform and ALC control system, we provide continuous 24/7 access and monitoring of your building’s most critical systems. Remotely accessing WebCTRL allows our Technicians to diagnose and dispatch the appropriate resources faster than ever before. From leak and gas detection to freeze protection, we will make sure your building is safe!

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