Standing the Test of Time

Installed 22 years ago, this Automated Logic Control system has stood the test of time.

"We installed this system in 1997 and its been rock solid for 22 years", said Services Manager - Daryl Smith.

Traditional time based failure patterns are easy to understand, such as the Bathtub Curve, Slow Aging or End of Life...

"In my experience, Failure modes are completely random and are more related to conditions or human activity", said ALC Tech - Ryan Cramer

Studies by the DOD on failure modes in assets such as electronic components reveal that they are more random than you think. Only 21% of all the units in the study were due to age related failure mode.

"Leaving good enough alone is often the best strategy for longevity. Failure modes are more likely introduced during maintenance, upgrade or expansion", said Cramer.

By partnering with Care Systems Services Ltd. you are ensuring that the investment you make in your building automation system Stands The Test of time.

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