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10 reasons to update to WebCTRL v7 today:

  1. Improve Security: Deploy the latest security enhancements, plus
    1. BACnet Firewall
    2. BACnet Device White-listing capability
    3. Advanced Password policy
    4. Expanded user security and auditing options
  2. Ensure your system is performing optimally by enabling the ACxelerate™ Automated Commissioning Tool
    1. Discover VAV boxes and their cooling sources in a WebCTRL system
    2. Schedule a set of functional tests that automatically and safely exercise VAV dampers and/or reheat valves by mechanical system
    3. Analyze results and generate a report that documents both healthy system operation and faults
  3. Improve performance2 with Intellivisor™ Network Health Monitoring Services
  4. Access the advanced graphics library – with system graphics updated and optimized for 1080P screens (YouTube)
  5. Benefit from enhanced features and WebCTRL add-ons:
    1. Save Time with Fault Detection & Diagnostics
    2. Save Energy with ASHRAE Guideline 36 compliant high performance sequences of operation for HVAC Systems
    3. Synchronize Schedules with other business systems via the MS Exchange add-on
    4. Take Advantage of Utility Demand Response rebate programs with the Open ADR add-on
  6. Improve system insights with advanced custom reporting, analytic dashboards, and patent pending data-driven color maps
  7. Automate report delivery with the new Report Manager. Now you can create complex tabular reports including server side calculations using both live and historical trend data. Schedule the delivery via email of selected reports in PDF, CSV or XLS formats.
  8. Turbocharge system speed1: WebCTRL v7 includes Automated Logic’s enhanced trend control engine which delivers 15X read and 5X write speeds. All while requiring 70% storage space.
  9. Enhance small screen navigation1: Smart Phones & Tablets welcome with multi-browser compliance and navigation enhancements
  10. Solve network problems swiftly with the new network diagnostics tools included in all

*1 Delivered when upgrading from WebCTRL v6.1 or earlier

*2 WebCTRL v7 is compatible with the new line of Optiflex controller products and new IntelliVisor Services Platform

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